Digital Enterprise

This initiative aims to foster and promote innovative new services and applications that can use the existing and new technologies and networks.

Maximising the benefits of broadband now!

The current levels of broadband offer significant advantages for businesses to build their competitiveness, lower costs and broaden their marketplace. This broadband capability has not been fully exploited to support small and micro businesses where most of business growth is delivered in terms of jobs and local economic growth.

The key driver for business competitiveness for many small businesses is the information and communications technology take-up.

Many small and micro businesses are not aware of the potential to exploit broadband to strengthen and grow their business. Meanwhile, our Council seeks effective programs to assist local businesses and enable them to compete effectively. Many existing programs fail to engage small and micro businesses due to the perceived lack of immediate benefits and the time pressures that the businesse owners are under. Nillumbik Digital Enterprise is developing a number of small business programs in response to these challenges.


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